Step by step instructions.

I started this blog so that I could give newcomers to the Grand Canyon information to make their first hiking or camping trip in the canyon easier.  When I made my first trip years ago I was astounded at the complexity of the plans that I had to make and also how few places gave a step by step outline to make that planning simple.  That’s the reason I produced the video, Backpack the Grand Canyon.  On this blog I will give you a very simplified outline to help you get ready.  The video is much more detailed–it’s over an hour and a half in length–but it’s not a boring instructional video like you used to watch in school.  It has interviews with four Grand Canyon newbies that are funny and full of information that you need.  It also is full of gorgeous shots of the scenery down in the canyon from the South Rim to the Colorado River all the way up to the North Rim.  It covers in great detail the Bright Angel Trail, South Kaibab Trail and North Kaibab Trail and all the established campgrounds at the bottom of the canyon.  Those would be the Bright Angel Campground, Cottonwood Campground and Indian Garden Campground.  It also tours Phantom Ranch.  Backpackers can eat at Phantom Ranch and that is a highlight of many of their trips.  The food there is great–also the lemonade–and the coffee–and the beer–and the wine.  You know, everything is great at Phantom Ranch!

To see a step by step outline of things you need to think about for your hiking trip to the Grand Canyon click on the “Step by step instructions” menu above. If you have any questions just make a comment in the section that you are reading.  You’ll have to enter your name and email, but don’t worry.  I won’t be putting you on a spam list and no one will be able to see your email.  That’s just to keep out the Spamalots.  Hope you enjoy!


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